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Pazit Levitan

Director of Development
American Friends of Soroka Medical Center

Pazit’s doctoral research explored how women become influential leaders on nonprofit boards. As she interviewed seasoned board directors, she found solidarity and inspiration from others who were, like her, juggling it all.

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Planned Giving Websites

A planned giving website lays the foundation for a successful marketing plan. It provides donors 24/7 access to your information to fulfill their philanthropic needs.

We have the right website level for your nonprofit, no matter your size or budget. From enterprise-level planned giving marketing websites for the largest organizations to more basic builds for smaller nonprofits and churches, our planned giving solutions deliver donors to your doorstep.

Websites for Affiliate Partners

This solution is your answer if you are a national organization, foundation, Diocese or Archdiocese with affiliates. (Ex., Red Cross, American Cancer, ALS, JDRF, Foundation, Archdiocese, etc.)

All planned giving websites can incorporate our online will planners as a fully integrated modules. This is significantly different than the “add-on” products in the marketplace today.

Developed by two Ivy Leaguers, University of Virginia Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised hundreds of millions. 

Small Shop? Begin Here.

Want grantors, grantees, sub-grantees and your board to take you more seriously? Did you know that annual gifts and major gifts go up when you have a planned giving program in place? Just follow the step-by-step instructions in The Box. 

The instructions are so simply laid out that it carries no learning curve. It has all the content and tools you need — from gift agreements, gift acceptance policies, evaluating your mission, approaching the best prospects, making the ask, and a lot more.

Don’t have time to implement it yourself? Work with an approved coach. The Box is especially helpful to consultants who want to focus on growing their practice. It helps consultants focus on the client first instead of reinventing the wheel and writing content.

Legacy Organizer Logo

The Box is now available with LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyOrganizer™

Cash is down, bequests are up. Motivate your donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most.

Pocket Guide

Planned Giving Pocket Guide for Professional Gift Planners

Get the insider’s guide to what planned gifts can do! You’ll better understand the upsides and downsides of different gifting options. Available in three versions for:

  • Professional gift planners
  • Major Gifts Officers
  • Board Members and Volunteers

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AI and Intelligence
Planned Giving Marketing
Viken Mikaelian

Is AI Dumbing Us Down?

AI is smart enough to discover names of people in your organization. Legitimate-looking emails come in with the line, “see attachment” — which, when opened, launches malware. Others request sensitive business information or for you to fill out an RFP behind a password. I wrote back to one such bot, and it responded so convincingly I almost fell for it. Be very careful — two friends lost between $4k and $7K at work through such an attack. Only one was reimbursed.

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Face and numbers depicting artificial intelligence
Planned Giving Marketing
Patrick O'Donnell

Why Your Nonprofit Should Steer Clear of AI

AI might look enticing, but when you strip away all the hype it’s a ticking time bomb. AI-created content has created some serious problems for its early adopters. Do you really want to lose donations over an easier way to write a caption?

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Compass With Needle Pointing Word Vision
Planned Giving Marketing
Viken Mikaelian

The Power of Endowments

An endowment sends a motivating message to the world, as well as to your board, staff and donors. It says your organization is going to be here for the long run. It creates respect, trust, authority.

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Life saver in ocean floating
Planned Giving Marketing
Viken Mikaelian

Nonprofits Did Not Do Well Last Year

2023 was another tough year in the nonprofit industry. Although all the numbers aren’t in yet, it’s on track to be on par with 2022 — perhaps worse. And what’s even more concerning is that this seems to be part of a larger downward trend.

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