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Estate Planning Webinar For Your Constituency.

More Than 50% of Americans Don’t Have a Valid Will in Place. That’s Your Audience.

Imagine: You have the opportunity to talk to a group of people who:

  1. believe in your mission
  2. support your organization
  3. don't have a valid will in place, and
  4. don't know how to get started planning their estate (but want to)

What would you say to these people?

Would you tell them how important it is to write their will? How it's easier to do than most people realize? How it spares their loved ones heartache and frustration down the road? How, if they don't have a will, state laws can take over and distribute their estate in ways they may not have wanted?

Would you tell them how they can include philanthropy in their estate plans? How they can support your organization with a gift far larger than any check they could write? How they can make an enduring impact without reducing their savings or affecting their cash flow?

Announcing "Estate Planning for the Rest of Us."

This is a by-invitation-only white-labeled webinar put together by us but looks as if it is coming from you. We have the expertise; you have the fan base. You supply the list of people you want to hear this message, and we do the rest. We'll do all the marketing and promotion for the webinar, and we'll send in our A-team to lead it. Want to promote yourself as well in your publications? We'll even provide the ad for it.

It's been proven over and over again. Your supporters will make planned gifts to you through their estate—if you ask them and if you educate them how to do it.

Listen. The friends and supporters of your organization have value in their estate. And when they pass, someone is going to benefit. It might be their children. It might be the government. It might be the non-profit next door. There's a window of opportunity open in front of you to give your constituents the information and confidence they need to navigate the estate planning process. In doing so, you greatly increase the likelihood that your organization will be included.

Why a webinar and not a local seminar?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Less intimidating. They won't feel someone is going to ask for money.
  • They can ask questions without being embarassed.
  • It's anonymous to everyone else.
  • More people can attend because you're doing it in cyberspace.

Is the return on investment worth it?

Consider this: If you get only one $10,000 bequest as a result of this webinar, it will more than cover your expenses. And chances are, you'll open the door to other types of giving as well. Hosting this webinar for your members is the most proactive measure you can take this year.

Educate your prospects and they will give. Contact us today to schedule your webinar.