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Planned Giving Brochures

Planned Giving Brochures

Each brochure covers a single gift plan that’s simple enough for anyone to “get.”

Basic features:

  • "How It Works" summary
  • Short, benefits-driven description
  • Bulleted list of all benefits
  • Sample donor profile
  • Customized with your logo, name, contact information, and colors

These planned giving brochures are painless to produce and make practical tools for every day use for any gift planning office.

Best of all, we can post these as e-brochures on your Planned Giving website.

Download Sample (but please do not copy)

View Flipbook we can place on your planned giving website.

Like all of the rest of our products, our brochures are:

  • Simple.
  • Affordable.
  • Non legalese.

Customized solutions for over 400 topics are also available. Contact us or call (800) 490-7090 for more information.