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Print Marketing & Direct Mail

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Fact: print marketing is far more powerful than e-marketing. So if you are planning on using e-marketing alone, it would be prudent to balance it with print.

PlannedGiving.Com gets your message through to your donors to engage, inform, raise awareness of your brand and your mission, and motivate them to give.

And we do it all: planning, content development, design, production and mailing of:

We'll even strategize an entire campaign with you.

A little known fact about us is also the volume of planned giving content we provide. In fact, over $150,000 worth. You can download them all at PlannedGiving.Net.

Premium Solutions

In addition to our turnkey products, we also offer premium solutions that include a higher level of customized content, graphic design and a wider selection of paper you can print on. Please inquire.

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