David Kottler

Enter the Advisor

An advisor-centric approach in your non-profit can pave the road for prospective donors. Is your nonprofit doing enough to build a network of financial advisors?

Viken Mikaelian

The Roadmap to Marketing A Nonprofit’s Mission

Now more than ever, effective marketing is critical for a nonprofit to survive and grow its mission. Learn the fundamentals, including branding, market research, finding your target audience, developing criteria to measure a campaign’s success, and earning donors’ trust.

Viken Mikaelian

What Are Advisors Telling Your Donors?

Now that the SECURE Act is law, donors are (or should be!) reviewing their estate plans, retirement strategies and philanthropic strategies to see if they should make changes. But what advice are they getting from their financial advisors — and how could it affect your charity?

Viken Mikaelian

Beauty is in Ear of the Beholder

Did you know your tone of voice is even more important than your words? Have you ever given much thought to your tone of voice? I wrote this post after I was inspired by Your Tone Matters by Benjamin Case published by the Center for Major Gifts. In my business, we put a lot of thought into the words we use. Our writers and editors finesse the language in our content until it’s as close to perfect as possible. They tweak words, phrases and punctuation to ensure the tone matches the intent. But if you were to read any of that content to an audience — let’s say one of our gift plan explainer scripts — and you SHOUTED THE ENTIRE TIME, all those words, all those nuances of punctuation and language that work in print, would become meaningless. And the same thing would happen if one of those scripts were delivered

Real Estate Donations
Viken Mikaelian

Just Say Yes!

Did you hear about the $20 million dollar gift that went elsewhere? All it took was one misguided sentence: “We don’t accept those things, ma’am.”

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