Company Positioning Statement

Several state institutions require bidding when seeking larger planned giving marketing solutions, usually those in excess of $25,000. We feel this is a good practice. We hope, however, that in the planned giving world this will be balanced with the reputation of the vendor.

We are selective in our RFP process and only respond to a few. We adhere to a standard, easily understandable format that covers products and services necessary for an effective, robust planned giving marketing program that works in the current marketplace. Yet many RFPs we receive still ask us for outdated industry solutions.

Marketing is Our Specialty

And that’s why you’d be hiring us. Many of the proposals we see put a focus on antiquated, ineffective traditions, products and services — like calculators and newsletters. These may have been effective tools 20 or 30 years ago, but today do little to inspire a would-be donor. Too often we see proposals rushing to tactics before actually identifying the problem — a path which is costly and ill-advised. An important part of our work is determining the best marketing strategy after reviewing your organization’s plans and goals to help you achieve the best return on your investment.

If you require a customized RFP, there is a one-time charge of $2,500, which covers our valuable time (and expenses) and can be applied to the project if you select our firm. This helps us avoid endless requests for RFPs that are simply sent out to satisfy procurement requirements even though an existing, favorable bias already exists toward a current vendor.

This is consistent with best practices with most leading marketing firms. This proposal development fee allows us to maintain fair pricing to other nonprofits without having to pass on dormant or non-performing marketing proposal costs.

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