By purchasing one of our webinars, seminars or primers (or attending our yearly conference) you agree to the following:
  1. All materials are proprietary and must not be shared, repurposed, duplicated, or sold.
  2. You will not share your access code for webinars. If you do share it, whomever attempts to log in second will not be able to get in. This means the system will give away your “seat.” The code is unique to you.
  3. For webinar purchases, you may have as many people attend as you wish, but only if they are from your organization. Of course, they will all need to be in the same room and you’ll need to share the screen. (Again, do not share access codes.)
  4. You will receive a recording after the completion of your webinar. Feel free to share it — but only with people in your organization.
  5. All seminars and conferences are sold as individual admission only. On a case-by-case basis, we may offer multiple individual discounts.
  6. Sometimes, there are circumstances beyond our control, such as illnesses or emergencies. In such cases, we reserve the right to substitute another speaker.
  7. Please familiarize yourself with the GoToWebinar platform, especially if you have had technical issues in the past. Before contacting our team, be sure to look up solutions to common problems. In most cases, they are all easy to resolve (like making sure you have your volume turned up!)
  8. In the very unlikely event that we have to cancel a webinar or seminar, we will reschedule, plus give you free admission to another session. No refunds can be issued.
  9. And finally, if you provide us with a testimonial (we reserve the right to edit) and your photograph, you will receive the next webinar at 50% off.
  10. Please review your purchase carefully. Once a webinar, seminar or primer is purchased there are no refunds.