I certify that that the information in the story I am submitting is true, and that I have permission to use it. If the story includes real names, I certify that I have the subjects’ permission to use their real names or have modified them for privacy. PlannedGiving.com will not be held liable for any confidential information that’s leaked to the public. In case such information is accidentally made public, PlannedGiving.Com will do its best to take it off of its website ASAP but will not be liable if a third party has posted it elsewhere.

We reserve the right to refuse any stories, as well as the right to edit all submitted stories. All stories will be kept to 1,600 words maximum.

Planned Giving Story Checklist

  • Ensure that all names are spelled correctly and consistently.
  • If using real names, ensure you have permission to do so first.
  • If using a donor story, ensure you have the donor’s permission first.
  • Ensure any numbers or percentages are correct.
  • Check for typos.

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