The Blockchain Estate

Since the introduction of cryptocurrency as estate asset, the opportunities for trust account investment in Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies has grown exponentially. One only needs to review institutional financial planning strategies within the past five years, to understand the confluence of cryptocurrency transactions with individual trust fund return on investment. Indeed, the future of trust fund earnings largely relies on convertible value assets like digital currencies. Moreover, global investor interest in secondary market cryptocurrency derivatives such as exchange traded funds (ETFs) now enhances the potential for trust portfolio diversification. Some investors are going so far as to register a trust fund as a convertible digital asset to expedite distribution of assets to beneficiaries when an estate comes into effect.

Convertible Digital Assets

Part of the scope of niche market digital assets and legal services for estate planning, blockchain estate products and services inspire cryptocurrency investors to transfer the basis of their assets to a last will and testament crypto coin. Securitized crypto contracts subject to expiry dates, are defined by the underlying value of blockchain transactions. Vital instruments for both institutional and individual investors, crypto assets perform like standard investment vehicles, in the sense they can be bought and sold at market listed rates.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are readily available via one-stop ATM locations, exhibits the direct reach blockchain technologies now have in the investment realm. Estate trust funds are not excluded from this activity either. A concept in the early stages of development, competition market modeling of the blockchain estate set the stage for new crypto trading opportunities and vast returns from those trust investments into the future.

Benefits of Blockchain Estate

By registering an estate on blockchain, a trust fund becomes a “Blockchain Apparatus” with contract settling authority, permitting immediate distribution of assets or liquidation of an estate’s convertible crypto assets on behalf of heirs at the end of a decedent’s life. Blockchain trusts afford an estate powers-of-execution in the administrative distribution of proceeds accorded designated beneficiaries without probate intervention by a court.

Modification of estate, trust or will is simplified with blockchain registration, converting trust assets to crypto contract. An estate owner or representative executor or trustee may elect to modify directives related to the conversion of assets to digital currency for the purpose of expedited distribution.

Settling Accounts

Blockchain trust and will execution services proffer smart contract settlement as a main selling point. In continuity with traditional estate settlement practices, crypto account settlement requires that designated third-party authority is required to distribute account assets from a decedent’s digital wallet to named beneficiaries. At present, blockchain estate smart contracts still require exercise of durable power-of-attorney by an executor or trustee charged with the administrative of managing a trust fund’s digital wallet.

Blockchain and Legal Reform

Blockchain transactions are construed within law in accordance with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) definition of fiat currency “commodities.”  The impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial markets has incited widespread public debate about laws guiding control and transfer of blockchain assets. Recent central bank and state rule reforms have led to the further development of statutory rules guiding smart contract and blockchain technologies with import for estate laws. Planned giving specialists can find out more about how estate transfer of convertible digital assets affects existing nonprofit charitable giving plans.

Registration of a blockchain estate converts trust assets to fiat cryptocurrency, for authorized executor administration of digital wallet distributions to beneficiaries.

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