Live Well. Leave Well

Plan Your Estate for Those You Love

The un-deadly estate planning guide for donors and prospects.

  • Can be branded to your organization
  • Great leave-behind
  • Use at Legacy Society Meetings
  • Share with advisors

Pardon the pun in the title, but it got your attention — and it’s the truth: Drop the phrase “estate planning” in conversation, and listen as the room goes silent.

Most people not only d[r]ead the topic, they avoid it all costs. Unfortunately, those costs not only are high, they’re paid by those who survive you.  

My dad always said, “It’s too complicated. I’ll get around to it. I’m not dying tomorrow.”

He never got around to it. He died without an estate plan. Our family paid the price

I’ve made a career out of changing the way people talk about planned giving, because I always dreaded the tedious, uninspired “speak” our industry uses to describe and market gifts. I wanted to make a difference in the fundraising world by helping nonprofits achieve their missions.

Don’t Simplify. Over-Simplify.

And I want to make a difference in the way we talk and think about estate planning, too. I want to inspire people to think about and plan for the inevitable; inspire them to shape their legacy while also sparing their families unnecessary pain.

But how can an estate planning booklet deliver inspiration? If you look at the materials out there now, you’ll see a banal collection of attempts — like a quiz for donors on estate planning, or books with titles like Estate Planning for Dummies that have cover photos of near-death couples sitting with an attorney.

Besides, that’s not when the majority write their estate plan!