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This tool will transform your career in gift planning. Period.*

Scott Janney, PhD, CFRE


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Gift plans covered include

  • Bequests, Cash, CDs
  • Appreciate Securities
  • Stocks/Investment Fund Accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • IRAs

Beneficiary Designations Section

Contact Page

Bequest Video


QCD (IRA Rollover) Tools

QCD Cheat Sheet

Postcard templates (2)

Display ad templates (2)

Bequest solicitation letters

Bequest follow up letter 1

Bequest thank you letter 2

Bequest thank you letter 3

General solicitation letter

Letter from CEO/VP

Estate planning “touch piece”

Intention form

Sample marketing plan


Pocket Guides for fundraisers (3)

Pocket Guides for board members (3)

Gift comparison charts (10)

One hour marketing consultation

Estate Planning Toolkit (on website)

Gift Plan “Sell” Sheets

Subscription to Planned Giving Wiki


What It’s For

The Box is an indispensable tool for any shop that’s serious about gift planning.

  • Beginning a new planned giving program.
  • Strengthening an existing program.
  • Putting the “house in order.”

Planned Giving in a Box® contains everything you need to implement a basic planned giving program: Tips and tricks; step-by-step instructions; professional advice; customizable forms; marketing materials; artwork templates, thank you letters and more.

The Box is a turnkey product that’s designed to help your organization grow. It provides clarity and purpose to strengthen relationships and outcomes.

Expected September 1, 2023

Who It’s For

Planned Giving in a Box® is perfect for:

  • The smaller shop on a tight budget.
  • Those who prefer a “do-it-yourself” approach.
  • Those who are working with a consultant and want more added value.

Avoid paying thousands to write, edit, and plan from scratch — we’ve done it all for you… including artwork templates.

As you implement The Box, not only will it be good for your organization, but it will be an education in itself. So this means it will help your career, too.

Take this “readiness” quiz to see how ready you are for planned giving.

Is The Box Right for You?

Download this quick Introduction (PDF).

Need a simpler solution? A more robust marketing tool? Visit this page to see which product is right for you.

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The Box is now available with LegacyPlanner™ and LegacyOrganizer™

Cash is down, bequests are up. Motivate your donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most.

More Information

How to Purchase Planned Giving in a Box

All modules can be purchased together or separately. You can also purchase Back-Office Operations & Stewardship as a bundle. Please contact our planned giving specialists for a 15 minute consultation to discover the benefits of Planned Giving in a Box.

Consider a Consultant

In today’s economy, it is important that nonprofits find ways to stand out, tighten their operations, improve efficiency, and increase revenue while keeping expenses low. As many organizations struggle to stay ahead or even survive, the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit are more than enough to keep management and leadership busy, especially in the smaller nonprofits where most team members wear many hats.

Choosing to use an experienced consultant allows you the ability to grow, rather than simply attempting to maintain the status quo. An outside perspective always adds value. If you are a consultant, see how The Box can help your practice.

Why do many planned giving programs fail to produce results?

Because organizations jump directly to complex gift vehicles without putting their own house in order. It is a crucial and easily-overlooked step that helps ensure long-term success.

Viken Mikaelian, CEO/PlannedGiving.Com • Brian Sagrestano, JD, CFRE • Meredith Sossman, Esq, CFRE • Camilyn Leone, JD, CFRE

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