Planned Giving Calculators

Calculate Payout Rates for Life Income Gifts

Your donors want to support your mission, but before they give a gift they also want to know, “What’s in it for me?”

An increasing number of donors are researching gift plan options and talking with financial and legal advisors about their philanthropic intentions and options. Often, this happens before they even approach a charity about making a gift. Adding Gift Calculators to your planned giving website will help donors and advisors alike decide what gift option is best for a donor’s unique situation.

The user simply selects a presentation that shows the income and tax benefits for each particular gift. Arm your nonprofit with these useful tools, which will make your donors’ personal planned giving journey much easier.

Planned giving calculators below come standard with LegacyPRO Enterprise planned giving websites. They can also be purchased separately.

Donor/Advisor Calculators

You will soon be able to access these calculators for demonstration purposes.

Adding a Gift Calculator to your planned giving website is a great way to help donors decide what type of planned gift will best help them build their legacy while also supporting your nonprofit’s mission. Advisors can use the calculators to illustrate the benefits each gift offers to the donor prospect. These tools can even help donors learn their net worth, cash flow, estate tax liability, yearly required minimum distributions, and more. However, please remember that although planned giving calculators can be a helpful tool for your donors, the information they provide should not be considered legal or financial advice and all examples and illustrations are subject to change based on a donor’s unique circumstances. Donors should always consult with their advisors before making gifts.

Developed by two Ivy Leaguers, University of Virginia Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised hundreds of millions.