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Empower your donors to plan their will and invest their legacy in the cause they support the most.
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Billions Raised

There is no shortage of competing online estate-plan and free will creation services and, just like our LegacyPlanner™, they all work well — from LegalZoom to FreeWill, GivingDocs to 

Because the capability to plan and create a will online has facilitated millions of dollars in bequests — an online free will creator is an exceptional tool for creating gift-planning opportunities for donors at your organization.

So, what’s different about our Legacy Planner™?

At first glance, nothing.

You see, whether you’re using a free will service or paying to create an estate plan,  will creation is a commodity, and we are all offering almost identical products. That’s simply because the writing of a will is guided by law, and there’s only one way you can do this.

When it comes to the end product, however, it is integration, convenience, branding, pricing, and trust that set us apart.


What Is?

Beneficiary Designations

Durable Financial Power of Attorney (DFPOA)

Living Will

Revocable Living Trusts.


The LegacyPlanner™ is seamlessly integrated with our clients’ landing pages for planned giving bequests and LegacyPRO planned giving websites.

No fuss, no muss, and obvious links to LegacyPlanner™ from all the right places: your bequest pages, Beneficiary Designations pages, and from the footer of every section of your planned giving website. These constitute over 100 pages.


To keep things simple, you’ll have just one vendor to deal with: that’s us. LegacyPlanner™ is available to clients only.


We re the only firm that offers you 100% branding.

The LegacyPlanner™ is branded to your organization. Although the fine print and disclaimer clearly state that it is not your content (for your protection), donors feel more at home in the trusted environment of your organization’s website.

  1. Just $2,995/year as an a-la-carte addition. LegacyPlanner™ is offered at one fixed price, regardless of the number of people who use it in your organization. No scaling. No guesswork. That’s thousands less than the average bequest.


  1. We own the industry domain — the name trusted by donors, lawyers, and advisors all over the country.

    The URL of your free will planner will be: (your brand)
    and not: (vendor brand) 

    We cannot overemphasize the significance of this feature. It’s a built-in SEO magnet. Ask your marketing team or IT department why this is so valuable.

    Here’s the bottom line: other sites often overcomplicate the process and befuddle donors with obtuse URLs such as:

    Such an address is not memorable, adds no value to your brand, harms search results, and reduces overall appeal.

Simplicity. Visibility. Seamless Integration.

Choose LegacyPlanner™ — and watch your endowment grow.

Planning an estate online isn’t for everyone. We strongly recommend having an attorney and/or financial advisor help those with complex needs. We also recommend having an attorney review all legal documents before having them finalized. We make this very clear in the LegacyPlanner™.

This product is under development and will be ready January, 2022.