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  • The Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

    Revised and Updated for 2017!

    Our most popular product. More than 4000 sold. The insiders' guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization.

    Slip this handy booklet into your pocket before your next round of prospect calls. It's not another ways-of-giving brochure — it's a "why's of giving" that helps you better understand the upside and downside of different giving options for both you and your prospects. Use the guide to gain more satisfied donors and better financial results for your non-profit.

    Contact us for information on quantity discounts! As low as $17.95 per copy!

    Save $11 on shipping for orders of 3 or more. Learn More

  • Pocket Guide for Board Members, Volunteers, and Philanthropists

    New! Now customizable.

    Looking or something to inform your board members, volunteers, and philanthropists about planned gifts in clear, non-technical language? Here it is: our new Pocket Guide for Board Members, Volunteers, and Philanthropists.

    We developed it specially to communicate what’s important about planned giving to non-experts in plain, conversational English. No mumbo-jumbo. No technicalities. No legalese. It's the most user-friendly planned giving booklet you will find anywhere, and it’s a great conversation-starter

    What’s more, you can have this edition of our Pocket Guide completely customized for your organization with your logo and organization name on each page, plus your contact information. (100-copy minimum order; contact us for pricing.)

    Alternatively, our standard “non-customized” version of our Pocket Guide for Board Members, Volunteers, and Philanthropists still features user-friendly language and only costs $19.95 each.

    12-copy minimum order; 11 - 20 copies, $17.95 each; 21+ copies, $14.95 each.

    Free shipping for orders over 50 copies.

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  • Planned Giving in a Box™

    You know you need a planned giving program.

    Your board has asked about a planned giving program. Your boss has told you to start one.

    But how do you find the time? Where will you get the resources? And isn't it too complicated?

    Not any more.

    No more excuses. No more delays.

    Your new Planned Giving Program is here. It’s in The Box. Complete. Proven. Ready to perform.


    The most effective, economical and easiest way to start closing more and bigger gifts faster and easier with your own start-up planned giving program.

    Start today to build an effective planned giving program.

    Step-by-step instructions for each week, combined with compelling content, state-of-the-art model forms and sample materials make Planned Giving in a Box the best and easiest way to build your new planned giving program. You can start slow by implementing it an hour a week, or at full-force at 4 hours a week. In either case, it works.

    Planned giving is not complicated when you have this roadmap to successful implementation and execution.

    • Module I: Marketing and Outreach
    • Module II: Back Office Operations
    • Module III: Building Customer Relationships

    Your future is waiting. What are you waiting for?

    PlannedGiving.Com offers The Box Complete -- all three modules plus associated content documents, samples and forms -- at a significant discount. When you complete your purchase, we will ship you the comprehensive hardcopy edition, and e-mail you a secure URL for downloading your electronic documents.

    This product not available at storewide discount pricing.

    Planned Giving in a Box modules are also available a la carte. Visit www.PlannedGivinginaBox.Com for more information.

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  • Planned Giving Primer

    Non-technical. Affordable. Critical.

    You know that planned gifts are the ticket to your organization’s long-term sustainability and success. Problem is…

    • ✔ You don’t have time.
    • ✔ You don’t have it in the budget.
    • ✔ You don’t have the staff.

    The Planned Giving Primer will help you jumpstart your planned giving program, regardless of your organization’s size and resources. As an added benefit, it will help you jumpstart your career as well. The Primer was designed with you in mind.

    Optional 30 minute session can be specially scheduled for your CFO, CEO, or Board President.

    Download Flier

    Special note: travel expenses apply beyond a 90 mile radius of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

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  • Multi-Channel Planned Giving Marketing Toolkit

    "Why should I care about Multi-Channel Marketing?”

    Here's why: Multi-Channel Marketing attracts, compels and motivates your prospects better by coordinating your messaging across more than one marketing medium at a time.

    Your nonprofit should have this force-multiplier working for it now. And with our Multi-Channel Planned Giving Marketing Toolkit you can.

    Our Multi-Channel Toolkit provides you with the know-how and the content you need to to raise more and larger gifts by deploying compelling messaging via email and direct mail that will drive prospects to yet more compelling messaging on a special landing page on your website.

    Our content reaches out to your prospects and secures their attention and interest by appealing to their heads, their hearts – and sometimes even their funny bones! – while guiding them to you for more information.

    In addition to comprehensive user instructions (tips galore), the toolkit consists of 14 unique "Grabber Pages" covering 10 topics – a total of 17 subject/content combinations – to engage and persuade your prospects and motivate them to give.

    Each of these 17 combinations supplies:

    • A tagline (sometimes more than one! – for e-broadcasts)
    • Postcard copy (for mailings and/or e-broadcasts)
    • Grabber Page copy (for your planned giving website)

    VirtualGiving.Com clients get free implementation. Contact us for more information.

    Download this descriptive product brochure to find out more.

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  • Get Your Board on Board

    This slideshow covers "15 Myths Most Nonprofits Fall For." Myths like "planned gifts take too long, and we need the cash now" choke off planned giving budgets and stunt organizational growth. This presentation shoots down the myths one by one with facts that will convince even the crustiest board member to give planned giving a chance.

    Why you need it:

    You "get it." You know planned giving is the key the future success of your nonprofit and its mission. (And your career.) If your board members don't get it, after this presentation—they will. Blow their minds, change their hearts, and increase your the budget they give you for planned giving next year.

    • If your board doesn't "get it," it's your job to convince them. This presentation makes your job easy.
    • Ready to go. Just download it to your computer and project it.
    • Breeze through it in 15 minutes or go deeper and make it last an hour.

    How to use it:

    Call a special meeting or grab a slot in an existing meeting. Show this presentation and win over the holdouts your board.

    How it's structured:

    • 38 slides total
    • Slide with a myth followed by a slide with the reality
    • Example:
      • Myth: Planned gifts take too long, and we need the cash now.
      • Reality: The average time from inception to maturity for a planned gift is 7-10 years. (That's only a few years longer than most campaign pledge periods.)

    Software needed:

    • Microsoft PowerPoint
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  • Bequest Toolkit

    Most of the planned gifts you close this year will be bequests. So why not power-up your marketing of the gift your donors like best? Get started today, with this ready-to-go Bequest Toolkit. It delivers all the materials and know-how you'll need for a successful bequest campaign. It features:

    • A marketing toolkit to help you promote and close more bequests.
      Includes eleven essential ads, articles, letters, postcards and forms you can start using right away.
    • A stewardship toolkit to help you acknowledge and steward those new bequest donors. 
      Includes twenty indispensable letters, forms, documents and other aids.

    Why waste months planning, writing and editing all these documents yourself? Make your life and your job easier. Save yourself time, money, and back-office hassle.

    You need to be talking to your donors about bequests, acknowledging the gifts they've given, and cultivating more repeat gifts right now.

    With this toolkit you can do it. It's two toolkits in one.

    There's too much included in the Bequest Toolkit to describe fully on this page. For full details, download this brochure

    Learn More

  • CGA Toolkit

    This kit contains everything you need to promote Charitable Gift Annuities for a year.

    Why you need it:

    You can’t afford not to own this. If you get just one average size CGA (and you will), the kit will have paid for itself 100 times over. Donors love CGAs! And why wouldn’t they? Especially in an uncertain economy with abysmal payout rates. Your job is to tell them the good news—and this toolkit makes your job easy.

    • Compelling language and gorgeous designs.
    • Ready to go as-is or replace our stock photos with your own for an extra touch of customization.
    • Includes language for DGAs that can be deleted if you choose.

    How to use it:

    Download the kit, drop your info into the templates, and follow the marketing calendar for when to mail each piece. With minimal effort, you can get more for your money and use the content multiple ways. For example, take the copy from a postcard and turn it into a display ad or an e-blast. Tweak the newsletter article and make it into a letter. Run the display ad multiple times in various publications.

    What’s included:

    • 6 marketing pieces that explain CGAs in compelling, easy to “get” language
    • All the copy in one Microsoft Word document
    • Professionally designed templates (including copy and stock photos you can use) in an Adobe InDesign file

    Software needed:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe InDesign
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  • IRA Rollover Toolkit

    IRA Charitable Rollover gifts have been permanently extended! With this new toolkit, making an IRA Charitable Rollover gift is now easier then ever. Everything is included to make educating your prospects and implementing the process to be both simples and painless. We did all of the work so all you have to do is present and look good. Included in the IRA Charitable Rollover Toolkit: - Promotional copy for multiples direct mail letter for both early in the year and late in the fall - Follow-up postcards and email text - Letter of instruction your donors can send to their IRA plan providers - Sample gift acknowledgement letter You'll have the information you and your prospects need and, as always, the material are easy to edit and customize. Learn More

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